Modlin Group is an industry-leading boutique real estate agency built on uncommon principles. Founded by Adam D. Modlin in 1999, the reputation we've earned over nearly 20 years in business are a result of the fundamental beliefs we believe to be true about how the world works: genuine connection is at the core of every great deal, relationships win in any market, and true luxury is in the quality of your experiences.

Our guiding principles are matched by unparalleled insight into the marketplace and an uncompromising track record that includes New York City's most notable and noteworthy properties. Operating more like a family office than a traditional brokerage, our highly sought-after team is passionate in its approach, fulfilling the role of a thoughtful advisor and partner that can reliably address the entirety of our clients' real estate needs and interests. While known for working with high-profile clients, the true common denominator in our clientele is simple— dynamic, ambitious people that we’re genuinely excited to build relationships with.